readl() macro on ppc missing ()'s

Chas Williams chas at
Thu Apr 8 21:13:51 EST 1999

i had to make the following change to include/asm-ppc/io.h in order
to avoid side effects (btw, the CONFIG_APU version has it right!):

--- io.h.000    Thu Apr  8 07:10:36 1999
+++ io.h        Thu Apr  8 07:10:47 1999
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
 #define writel(b,addr) ((*(volatile unsigned int *) (addr)) = (b))
 #define readw(addr) in_le16((volatile unsigned short *)(addr))
-#define readl(addr) in_le32((volatile unsigned *)addr)
+#define readl(addr) in_le32((volatile unsigned *)(addr))
 #define writew(b,addr) out_le16((volatile unsigned short *)(addr),(b))
 #define writel(b,addr) out_le32((volatile unsigned *)(addr),(b))

this seems to still be 'broken' in the 2.2.5 sources.

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