Mac OS X Server Filesystem Format

Peter Bierman bierman at
Thu Apr 8 11:16:22 EST 1999

>> has anybody tried to mount any of the Mac OS X Server CDs inside linux?
>> I assume they have a BSD format... Mounting auto doesn't work with the
>> CDs.   With ALL Linux filesystems enabled in the kernel, what mount
>> options would I use to get the CD to mount?
>I'm surprised they're not ISO-9660... but if they're really a bsd
>filesystem, you'd technically be looking for ffs, but I think linux still
>calls it ufs....  :-)

>It's not on a _partition_ on the CD, by any chance, is it?  Does pdisk
>show a partition map?  If so, it could be a bit of a pain....  We run into
>trouble with that under MkLinux a lot when people misburn the hybrid CD as
>ISO-9660 in a mac-style partition....  Dunno, just a thought.  :-)

It's a UFS filesystem inside an "Apple_Rhapsody_UFS" partition entry.

It should be a BSD compatible UFS filesystem.

It is *not* a multisession CD.


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                        and have the same installed base as MPW."

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