MVME2306 progress

David De Ridder s970707 at
Wed Apr 7 21:40:30 EST 1999

Hi everybody !

I am pleased to be able to say that our MVME2306 finally runs 
full Linux - sort of ;-)

FTR, the main problem after installing the pre-R5 were the several
'chkconfig --add' commands in the install scripts. I fixed this by
booting with ``init=/bin/bash'' and then doing all the chkconfigs
manually from the bash prompt. After this, Linux boots almost
perfectly smooth. There are still some small problems, though, but
they seem more RedHat-related to me :

* rpm works fine on the NFS host (a Linux/i386 PC), but not on the
  board itself. I suspect it has to do with the path settings.
  On the PC, I use ``--root /export'' for the correct path. On the
  board however, I get always this message :
  ``failed to open //var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm''

  Note the double-slash. Using ``--root /'' on the board did not work.

* Syslogd does not run. It exits because it says it cannot create a
  /dev/log device (which is a FIFO, I believe). Now, running the
  dev package does not help, although it contains a /dev/log file.

* I have all the network-scripts in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts,
  but there is no /etc/sysconfig/networking. In fact, the only file
  in /etc/sysconfig is ``network-scripts''. Is this normal ?

If anyone could solve this minor glitches, I'd appreciate their help.

Kind regards,

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