Resurrecting mkLinux

Gary Thomas gdt at
Wed Apr 7 17:12:56 EST 1999

On 06-Apr-99 Roy Wood wrote:
> I've got a little time and an old 6100, so I'm giving some thought to 
> raiding the mkLinux sources and getting a monolithic version of the 
> kernel going (i.e. getting rid of the whole Mach layer).
> My plan is to get video working first, then the ADB keyboard, followed by 
> SCSI and network support.  Oh-- and maybe serial too, eventually.
> Stop me right now if this is a stupid idea, please, but don't forget to 
> tell me why it is.  :-)
> Anyway, I was hoping some of you people here might be able to offer 
> advice or have some useful comments about what I'm considering doing.
> Anybody?  Anyone?

Your biggest problems will be:
  * Booting - perhaps BootX can be made to help here
  * Lack of Open Firmware - used to "size up" the hardware
  * 601 support - biggest worries are actually the in the hardest
    to debug - boot time and machine initialization.

Other than that, it should work.  Of course, I'm not saying it is
easy or else I would have done it myself long ago...

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