Apple Job Posting and Good News for LinuxPPC developers

Douglas Godfrey dvdoug at
Tue Apr 6 15:53:56 EST 1999

Reoly to Gabriel Paubert, 4/5/99 6:06 PM +0200: Re: Apple Job Posting and
Good News for LinuxPPC devel

>No, I want to saturate L2 BW, which is going to be in the 10 Gb/s range
>soon (500 Mhz @ 128 bit is 8Gb/s, double for 256 bit). With L2 caches
>larger than 1 Mb, my apps basically do not thrash L2 cache (and are even
>careful enough not to cause too many writebacks to it which could halve
>effective BW), provided it has enough associativity (4 way at least).
With IBM recent announcement of Imbedded DRAM Macros for their Blue Logic
library, the previous limits on L2 cache bandwidth no longer apply. IBM
can deliver a G3 or G4 CPU with 2meg of imbedded DRAM as L2 with a 1024
bit wide L2 cache bus. This would allow a 4 way set associative cache with
4 simultaneous L2 cache transfers for read or write with a 2.5ns DRAM speed.
The CPU die size would be only 50% larger and would only need 5 more mask
steps. The cost of such a G3 or G4 CPU should be only 30% to 50% higher
than current generation G3 CPUs, about the same as current Intel Pentium III
CPUs. Combine this with the cache controller from the Power 3 CPU and IBM
will be able to achieve between 8Gb/sec and 32Gb/sec L2 cache bandwidth.
A 550mhz PPC G3 probably cannot even approach using that much bandwidth.


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