fbcon + X Server + Cirrus/Powerstack

Jeff Rugen jrugen at primenet.com
Sun Dec 27 17:59:04 EST 1998

I'm having a couple problems using X Servers with the clgenfb framebuffer
console on the Motorola Powerstack and was wondering if anyone else had
similar problems with other framebuffers/X Server combinations.  I have the
clgenfb console as the only console in the kernel right now, and it works
fine as a console.

1) When I try to use XF68_FBDev from the XFree 3.3.3 binaries, I get a while
screen.  However, everything seems to be running fine -- the window manager
and X Server, etc are included in the list of running processes. My first
guess is the XF86Config file, but it could be something else.  Where isa
good location to get a simple, basic XF86Config file that defaults to  
640x480x8 or similar?  (Or if you have a clue that it could be another
problem with something in the clgenfb driver to look at?)

2) I can run Xbh normally, and exit it back to the framebuffer console.
However, the 1st time I run Xbh, the cursor is garbage (basically a large
square, but not all the bits are set).  When I quit Xbh and run it again,
the cursor looks normal.

3) If I set the console to 1024x768, I get a lot more rows on the screen.
However, if I run gpm, it doesn't allow me to highlight text on the entire
screen -- I think it only allows it on the original 80 column by 24 (?) row
size.  Has anyone fixed this or looked into it yet?

Thanks for any pointers/assistance/etc.  

Jeff Rugen                      jrugen at primenet.com

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