ADB spy tool

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Wed Dec 23 21:14:12 EST 1998

I've built a little tools for tracing ADB requests issued by MacOS.
There's a little INIT that records all ADB commands issues thru the
_ADBOp trap and an application for displaying those traces. It also
records the datas with the outgoing command. Since it's not a tail patch,
it won't display incoming datas, but you can use a tool like ADB Parser
to read the content of registers.

With this tool, you can spy the activity of your device, see all the
commands issued by the driver to the device, etc...

The INIT will start recording in a ring buffer as soon as it's loaded, so
if you want to to loard earlier, you may want to change it's type to
'scri'. The ring buffer is about 32k and older traces are lost when it's
full. The application for emptying the buffer is PPC only unless you ask
for a 68k version. If you use MountX, make sure you don't use the debug
version of MountX nor it's trace application, it will conflict with this
patch (will be fixed in an new bootx release).

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