Porting a driver from x86 to LinucPPC

Bryan Christianson bryanc at ihug.co.nz
Sat Dec 19 21:34:16 EST 1998

>Bryan Christianson wrote:
>> I'm trying to port a device driver from x86 to linuxppc. I am running into
>> problems with big/little endian-ness.
>> The device is a PCI card. Do I need to explicitly translate the data
>> between big-endian and little-endian or will the io routines (outl, inl and
>> inw) take care of this for me? On x86 I didn't even think about this issue,
>> but now I have a feeling that maybe I should have.
>I just fixed the NE2000 driver for this.
>inl/outl will fix PCI's liddle-endianess to host-endianness. There is
>some documentation in include/asm/io.h.

Thanks - I've got the thing working now. The inl/outl stuff worked fine,
but this card also uses inw. I had to flip the bytes on the returned value
and the card burst into life.


Bryan Christianson
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