[PATCH net-next mlxsw v3 0/6] mlxsw: SPAN: Support routes pointing at bridges

Ido Schimmel idosch at mellanox.com
Sun Apr 29 17:35:43 AEST 2018

On Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 10:55:15PM +0200, Petr Machata wrote:
> When mirroring to a gretap or ip6gretap netdevice, the route that
> directs the encapsulated packets can reference a bridge. In that case,
> in the software model, the packet is switched.
> Thus when offloading mirroring like that, take into consideration FDB,
> STP, PVID configured at the bridge, and whether that VLAN ID should be
> tagged on egress.
> Patch #1 introduces functions to get bridge PVID, VLAN flags and to look
> up an FDB entry.
> Patches #2 and #3 refactor some existing code and introduce a new
> accessor function.
> With patches #4 and #5 mlxsw calls mlxsw_sp_span_respin() on switchdev
> events as well. There is no impact yet, because bridge as an underlay
> device is still not allowed.
> That is implemented in patch #6, which uses the new interfaces to figure
> out on which one port the mirroring should be configured, and whether
> the mirrored packets should be VLAN-tagged and how.
> Changes from v2 to v3:
> - Rename the suite of bridge accessor function to br_vlan_get_pvid(),
>   br_vlan_get_info() and br_fdb_find_port(). The _get bit is to avoid
>   clashing with an existing static function.

Thanks. Will submit shortly.

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