[PATCH 0/4] erofs-utils: prepare for per-(sub)file compression strategies

Gao Xiang xiang at kernel.org
Mon May 10 17:22:59 AEST 2021

Hi all,

This patchset mainly provides a new helper z_erofs_get_max_pclustersize()
to prepare for per-file compression strategies, valid pclustersize can be
returned according to detailed data type or access patterns.

In order to do that, compression header is now generated on the per-file
basis as well, which will be also needed for parallel compression in
the future.

Note that

should be applied after "erofs-utils: compress trailing data for big
pcluster properly" is used or some compress indexes won't be parsed

Gao Xiang

Gao Xiang (4):
  erofs-utils: compress trailing data for big pcluster properly
  erofs-utils: reserve physical_clusterbits[]
  erofs-utils: prepare for per-(sub)file compress strategies
  erofs-utils: sync up z_erofs_get_extent_compressedlen()

 include/erofs/internal.h |  1 -
 lib/compress.c           | 91 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 lib/compressor.c         |  5 ++-
 lib/zmap.c               | 53 +++++++++++++----------
 4 files changed, 96 insertions(+), 54 deletions(-)


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