[PATCH] erofs-utils: fix battach on full buffer block

Gao Xiang hsiangkao at redhat.com
Tue Jan 19 10:28:53 AEDT 2021

On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 11:52:05PM +0800, 胡玮文 wrote:
> Hi Xiang,
> I would like to. If I understand it correctly, tests should based on
> experimental-tests branch, and be submitted to this mail-list, too?
> I wonder if we already have some CI service set up to run these tests
> automatically? I saw a mail from Travis CI in the mail-list archive, but it
> seems I don't have access to that organization.

A travis CI was once used for avoiding erofs-utils build regression...
I haven't set up a CI to run such regression tests (since it's still
in experimental branch...). Also, it seems that travis CI.org will
be obsoleted in the near future, and I'm not sure if I like
travisCI.com... Therefore, github action would be better (recently
I tried to autobuild erofs-utils deb by using github action and it
seems fine... will investigate to automaticly run regression tests
when I have extra free slots...)

Gao Xiang

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