[PATCH v2] crypto: aspeed: fix build module error

Dhananjay Phadke dphadke at linux.microsoft.com
Sat Sep 17 03:21:03 AEST 2022

On 9/16/2022 3:42 AM, Herbert Xu wrote:
>>> Does this still build if both HASH and CRYPTO are off?
>>> I think this it's best if you do:
>>> aspeed-hace-hash.o
>>> aspeed-hace-crypto.o
>>> obj-$(CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_ASPEED) += aspeed_crypto.o
>>> aspeed_crypto-objs := aspeed-hace.o	\
>>> 		      $(hace-hash-y)	\
>>> 		      $(hace-crypto-y)
>> aspeed-hace.o effects only if either hace-hash-y or hace-crypto-y.
>> If we put aspeed-hace.o in aspeed_crypto-objs, but hace-hash-y and hace-crypto-y are empty, apseed-hace.o is just an useless driver which might still occupy system resources.
> Apparently it doesn't build after all, at least not on m68k.
> So please either adopt my suggestion above, or come up with another
> way of preventing the build failure on m68k with both HASH and CRYPTO
> disabled.

Curious why compiled on m68k? It's embedded controller in ARM based
Aspeed SoCs. And there's "depends on ARCH_ASPEED" in Kconfig, need
some additional dependencies?


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