[PATCH v10 0/3] Add SSIF BMC driver

Quan Nguyen quan at os.amperecomputing.com
Tue Oct 4 20:31:03 AEDT 2022

This series add support the SSIF BMC driver which is to perform in-band
IPMI communication with their host in management (BMC) side.

SSIF BMC driver in this series is tested with Aspeed AST2500 and AST2600

Discussion for v9:

  + Issuing RxCmdLast command for all errnos                   [Wolfram]

  + Fix dependence with I2C subsystem                            [Randy]
  + Update missing Reviewed-by tag from v7                         [Rob]
  + Remove useless error handling path                              [CJ]
  + Update comment for SSIF_ABORTING state                          [CJ]
  + Fix "unknown type name --u8"                     [kernel test robot]
  + Update commit message and add comment to explain
    the effect of issuing RxCmdLast when Slave busy               [Quan]

  + Dropped ssif_bmc.h file and move its content to ssif_bmc.c   [Corey]
  + Add struct ipmi_ssif_msg to include/uapi/linux/ipmi_ssif_bmc.h
  header file                                                    [Corey]
  + Use unsigned int for len field in struct ipmi_ssif_msg       [Corey]
  + Avoid using packed structure                                 [Corey]
  + Add comment to clarify the logic flow                        [Corey]
  + Fix multipart read end with len=0 issue                      [Corey]
  + Refactor code handle the too big request message             [Corey]
  + Fix code indentation issue                                   [Corey]
  + Clean buffer before receiving request to avoid garbage        [Quan]
  + Fix the license to SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only      [Quan]

  + Remove unnecessary del_timer() in response_timeout()         [Corey]
  + Change compatible string from "ampere,ssif-bmc" to "ssif-bmc"  [Jae]
  + Dropped the use of ssif_msg_len() macro, use the len directly [Quan]
  + Solve possible issue if both response timer and ssif_bmc_write()
  occurred at the same time                                      [Corey]
  + Fix wrong return type of ssif_bmc_poll()         [kernel robot test]
  + Refactor and introduce ssif_part_buffer struct to replace the
  response_buf to manage each send/receive part of ssif           [Quan]
  + Change SSIF_BAD_SMBUS state to SSIF_ABORTING state           [Corey]
  + Support abort feature to skip the current bad request/response and
  wait until next new request                                    [Corey]
  + Refactor the PEC calculation to avoid the re-calculate the PEC on
  each I2C_SLAVE_WRITE_RECEIVED event                             [Quan]
  + Fix the use of error-proned idx                              [Corey]
  + Defer the test for valid SMBus command until the read/write part
  is determined                                                   [Quan]
  + Change/split unsupported_smbus_cmd() to
  supported_[write|read]_cmd()                                   [Corey]
  + Abort the request if somehow its size exceeded 255 bytes      [Quan]

  + Drop the use of slave_enable()                             [Wolfram]
  + Make i2c-aspeed to issue RxCmdLast command on all
  I2C_SLAVE_WRITE_REQUESTED event to assert NAK when slave busy   [Quan]
  + Make i2c slave to return -EBUSY when it's busy                [Quan]
  + Drop the aborting feature as return Completion Code 0xFF may stop
  host to retry and make ipmi_ssif.so fails to load               [Quan]
  + Add timer to recover slave from busy state when no response   [Quan]
  + Clean request/response buffer appropriately                   [Quan]
  + Add some minor change on error and warning messages           [Quan]

  + Correct the patches order to fix the bisect issue found by
  kernel build robot

  + Fix recursive spinlock                                      [Graeme]
  + Send response with Completion code 0xFF when aborting         [Quan]
  + Fix warning with dt_binding_check                              [Rob]
  + Change aspeed-ssif-bmc.yaml to ssif-bmc.yaml                  [Quan]
  + Added bounding check on SMBus writes and the whole request     [Dan]
  + Moved buffer to end of struct ssif_bmc_ctx to avoid context
    corruption if somehow buffer is written past the end           [Dan]
  + Return -EINVAL if userspace buffer too small, don't
    silence truncate                                       [Corey, Joel]
  + Not necessary to check NONBLOCK in lock                      [Corey]
  + Enforce one user at a time                                    [Joel]
  + Reject write with invalid response length from userspace     [Corey]
  + Add state machines for better ssif bmc state handling         [Quan]
  + Drop ssif_bmc_aspeed.c and make ssif_bmc.c is generic
    SSIF BMC driver                                               [Quan]
  + Change compatible string "aspeed,ast2500-ssif-bmc" to
    "ampere,ssif-bmc"                                             [Quan]
  + Toggle Slave enable in i2c-aspeed to turn on/off slave mode   [Ryan]
  + Added slave_enable() to struct i2c_algorithm to control
    slave mode and to address the recursive spinlock      [Graeme, Ryan]
  + Abort current request with invalid SMBus write or
    invalid command                                               [Quan]
  + Abort all request if there is pending response                [Quan]
  + Changed validate_pec() to validate_request()                  [Quan]
  + Add unsupported_smbus_cmd() to handle unknown SMBus command   [Quan]
  + Print internal state string for ease investigating issue      [Quan]
  + Move to READY state on SLAVE_STOP event                       [Quan]
  + Change initilize_transfer() to process_smbus_cmd()            [Quan]
  + Introduce functions for each slave event                      [Quan]

  + Switched binding doc to use DT schema format                   [Rob]
  + Splited into generic ssif_bmc and aspeed-specific      [Corey, Joel]
  + Removed redundant license info                                [Joel]
  + Switched to use traditional if-else                           [Joel]
  + Removed unused ssif_bmc_ioctl()                               [Joel]
  + Made handle_request()/complete_response() to return void      [Joel]
  + Refactored send_ssif_bmc_response() and
  receive_ssif_bmc_request()                                     [Corey]
  + Remove mutex                                                 [Corey]
  + Use spin_lock/unlock_irqsave/restore in callback             [Corey]
  + Removed the unnecessary memset                               [Corey]
  + Switch to use dev_err()                                      [Corey]
  + Combine mask/unmask two interrupts together                  [Corey]
  + Fixed unhandled Tx done with NAK                              [Quan]
  + Late ack'ed Tx done w/wo Ack irq                              [Quan]
  + Use aspeed-specific exported aspeed_set_slave_busy() when
  slave busy to fix the deadlock                 [Graeme, Philipp, Quan]
  + Clean buffer for last multipart read                          [Quan]
  + Handle unknown incoming command                               [Quan]

  + Fixed compiling error with COMPILE_TEST for arc

Quan Nguyen (3):
  ipmi: ssif_bmc: Add SSIF BMC driver
  bindings: ipmi: Add binding for SSIF BMC driver
  i2c: aspeed: Assert NAK when slave is busy

 .../devicetree/bindings/ipmi/ssif-bmc.yaml    |  38 +
 drivers/char/ipmi/Kconfig                     |  10 +
 drivers/char/ipmi/Makefile                    |   1 +
 drivers/char/ipmi/ssif_bmc.c                  | 873 ++++++++++++++++++
 drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-aspeed.c               |   9 +-
 include/uapi/linux/ipmi_ssif_bmc.h            |  18 +
 6 files changed, 948 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/ipmi/ssif-bmc.yaml
 create mode 100644 drivers/char/ipmi/ssif_bmc.c
 create mode 100644 include/uapi/linux/ipmi_ssif_bmc.h


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