[PATCH 00/24] Organize media platform drivers per manufacturer

Mauro Carvalho Chehab mchehab at kernel.org
Sun Mar 13 22:00:02 AEDT 2022

Em Sun, 13 Mar 2022 11:51:41 +0100
Mauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab at kernel.org> escreveu:

> This series comes after the one I sent earlier today sorting media/platform Makefile and Kconfig.
> It basically groups all drivers per vendor, ensuring that each vendor has a Makefile/Kconfig
> pair.
> The end goal is to keep the platform Makefile/Kconfig clean and easier to maintain, less
> prune to errors. After applying both series, the size of such files were drastically reduced:
> 	 drivers/media/platform/Kconfig  |  731 ++------------------------------
> 	 drivers/media/platform/Makefile |  115 +----
> 	 2 files changed, 78 insertions(+), 768 deletions(-)
> Mauro Carvalho Chehab (24):
>   media: platform: rename coda/ to chips-media/
>   media: platform: rename marvell-ccic/ to marvell/
>   media: platform: rename meson/ge2d/ to amlogic/meson-ge2d/
>   media: platform: rename mtk-jpeg/ to mediatek/mtk-jpeg/
>   media: platform: rename mtk-mdp/ to mediatek/mtk-mdp/
>   media: platform: rename mtk-vcodec/ to mediatek/mtk-vcodec/
>   media: platform: rename mtk-vpu/ to mediatek/mtk-vpu/
>   media: platform: rename sunxi/ to allwinner/
>   media: platform: rename tegra/vde/ to nvidia/tegra-vde/
>   media: platform: rename amphion/ to nxp/amphion/
>   media: platform: rename exynos4-is/ to samsung/exynos4-is/
>   media: platform: rename exynos-gsc/ to samsung/exynos-gsc/
>   media: platform: rename s3c-camif/ to samsung/s3c-camif/
>   media: platform: rename s5p-g2d/ to samsung/s5p-g2d/
>   media: platform: rename s5p-jpeg/ to samsung/s5p-jpeg/
>   media: platform: rename s5p-mfc/ to samsung/s5p-mfc/
>   media: platform: rename stm32/ to sti/stm32/
>   media: platform: rename am437x/ to ti/am437x/
>   media: platform: rename davinci/ to ti/davinci/
>   media: platform: rename omap3isp/ to ti/omap3isp/
>   media: platform: rename omap/ to ti/omap/
>   media: platform: rename ti-vpe/ to ti/vpe/
>   media: platform: Create vendor/{Makefile,Kconfig} files

Worth mention that, while the above changes are really trivial, it is
no fun to do them individually. It is also subject to errors.

So, after manually doing a couple of them, I decided to revert
to the original state and do it via the script below, checking
the patches and editing the last one.



#!/bin/bash -e

export LC_ALL=C # Needed by sort

TMP=$(mktemp /tmp/rename.XXXXXXXXX)

trap 'catch $LINENO' ERR SIGINT
	echo "Error on line $1"
	rm $TMP || true
	exit 1

	# sort Makefile
	sed '/^obj-y/Q' drivers/media/platform/Makefile> $TMP
	grep "^obj-y" drivers/media/platform/Makefile |sort | uniq >> $TMP
	cat <<EOF >> $TMP

# Please place here only ancillary drivers that aren't SoC-specific
# Please keep it alphabetically sorted by Kconfig name
# (e. g. LC_ALL=C sort Makefile)
obj-\$(CONFIG_VIDEO_MEM2MEM_DEINTERLACE)	+= m2m-deinterlace.o
obj-\$(CONFIG_VIDEO_MUX)			+= video-mux.o
	mv $TMP drivers/media/platform/Makefile

	# sort Kconfig
	sed '/^source/Q' drivers/media/platform/Kconfig> $TMP
	grep "^source" drivers/media/platform/Kconfig |sort | uniq >> $TMP
	cat <<EOF >> $TMP


	mv $TMP drivers/media/platform/Kconfig

	old=$(echo $1 |perl -ne 's,/$,,; print $_')
	new=$(echo $2 |perl -ne 's,/$,,; print $_')

	echo "$old -> $new"

	mkdir -p dirname drivers/media/platform/$new

	git mv drivers/media/platform/$old/* drivers/media/platform/$new/

	sed s,$old/,$new/, -i $(find drivers/media/platform/ -name Kconfig) $(find drivers/media/platform/ -name Makefile)
	sed s,drivers/media/platform/$old,drivers/media/platform/$new, -i $(git grep -l drivers/media/platform/$old) || true

	# Remove obj files, to make the directory cleaner
	rm -rf drivers/media/platform/$old/ || true


	cat <<EOF >> $TMP
media: platform: rename $old/ to $new/

As the end goal is to have platform drivers split by vendor,
rename $old/ to $new/.

	git commit -as -m "$(cat $TMP)" --no-edit

do_rename_vendor coda chips-media
do_rename_vendor marvell-ccic/ marvell/
do_rename_vendor meson/ge2d/ amlogic/meson-ge2d/
do_rename_vendor mtk-jpeg mediatek/mtk-jpeg
do_rename_vendor mtk-mdp mediatek/mtk-mdp
do_rename_vendor mtk-vcodec mediatek/mtk-vcodec
do_rename_vendor mtk-vpu mediatek/mtk-vpu
do_rename_vendor sunxi/ allwinner/
do_rename_vendor tegra/vde nvidia/tegra-vde
do_rename_vendor amphion nxp/amphion
do_rename_vendor exynos4-is/ samsung/exynos4-is/
do_rename_vendor exynos-gsc samsung/exynos-gsc
do_rename_vendor s3c-camif samsung/s3c-camif
do_rename_vendor s5p-g2d samsung/s5p-g2d
do_rename_vendor s5p-jpeg samsung/s5p-jpeg
do_rename_vendor s5p-mfc samsung/s5p-mfc
do_rename_vendor stm32 sti/stm32
do_rename_vendor am437x/ ti/am437x/
do_rename_vendor davinci ti/davinci
do_rename_vendor omap3isp ti/omap3isp
do_rename_vendor omap ti/omap
do_rename_vendor ti-vpe ti/vpe

# Create or update drivers/media/platform/*/Kconfig


# Fixup Kconfig files
for i in $(cat drivers/media/platform/Kconfig|perl -ne 'if (m,platform/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/Kconfig,) { print "$1 $2\n" }'); do
        echo "Handling $i Kconfig entries"

        a=$(echo $i|cut -d' ' -f1)
        b=$(echo $i|cut -d' ' -f2)


        if [ ! -e $parent ]; then
                echo "creating $parent..."
                echo "# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0" > $parent
		git add $parent

        echo "source \"$kconfig\"" >> drivers/media/platform/$a/Kconfig
        echo "source \"$parent\"" >> drivers/media/platform/Kconfig

        sed s,$kconfig,$parent, -i drivers/media/platform/Kconfig

        echo "sorting..."

# Create or update drivers/media/platform/*/Makefile

for i in $(cat drivers/media/platform/Makefile|perl -ne 'if (m,.*=\s*([^/]+)/([^/]+)/,) { print "$1 $2\n" }'); do
        echo "Handling $i Makefile entries"

        a=$(echo $i|cut -d' ' -f1)
        b=$(echo $i|cut -d' ' -f2)


        if [ ! -e drivers/media/platform/$a/Makefile ]; then
                echo "creating $parent..."
                echo "# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0" > drivers/media/platform/$a/Makefile
                git add drivers/media/platform/$a/Makefile
        echo "obj-y += $b/" >> drivers/media/platform/$a/Makefile
        echo "obj-y += $parent" >> drivers/media/platform/Makefile

        sed s,$make\$,$parent, -i drivers/media/platform/Makefile


	cat <<EOF >> $TMP
media: platform: Create vendor/{Makefile,Kconfig} files

Instead of placing multiple per-vendor entries at the
platform/{Makefile,Kconfig}, create them at the per-vendor

git commit -as -m "$(cat $TMP)" --no-edit

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