[PATCH 2/6] treewide: remove using list iterator after loop body as a ptr

Barnabás Pőcze pobrn at protonmail.com
Tue Mar 1 09:50:06 AEDT 2022


2022. február 28., hétfő 23:28 keltezéssel, James Bottomley írta:
> [...]
> Well, yes, but my objection is more to the size of churn than the
> desire to do loop local.  I'm not even sure loop local is possible,
> because it's always annoyed me that for (int i = 0; ...  in C++ defines
> i in the outer scope not the loop scope, which is why I never use it.

It is arguably off-topic to the discussion at hand, but I think you might be
thinking of something else (or maybe it was the case in an ancient version of C++)
because that does not appear to be case. If it were,

  for (int i ...) { ... }
  for (int i ...) { ... }

would have to trigger a redeclaration error, but that happens neither in C++ nor in C.
The variable is also inaccessible outside the loop.

> [...]

Barnabás Pőcze

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