vga_pw sysfs file

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Wed Nov 17 11:47:51 AEDT 2021

Hi Oskar,

I think Joel will send some details on the gfx driver side, but:

> In uart_render_controller, however, we're checking whether the bottom
> 8 bit equal to 0xa8 (why are we not checking for != 0 here?)

This is because we want to ensure that we're in the init process of the
host-side GPU driver, and not some arbitrary other access; it's been a
while since working on this, but I *think* I remember seeing other areas
of the scratch reg at non-zero values (granted, not the lower 8 bits

[There was some discussion with aspeed about the init value
of 0x0 not being guaranteed on some part of the scratch register
interface, but I don't recall what that applied to]

We could change this to != 0, but there's a solid convention that the
host-side driver is writing 0xa8 as the first part of init, so I think
the current behaviour would provide a more solid check.



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