32 bit Post Code capture and display in AMD EPYC Daytona platform with ATS2500 BMC

ramakrishnan ramakrishnan at velankanigroup.com
Wed Jun 16 14:16:31 AEST 2021


we are developing openBMC port for the AMD EPYC Daytona platform with ATS 2500 BMC.  I  need the following functionality to be implemented.

1. Capture of the LSB of the 32-bit post code  and lit 8 LEDs on the GPIOAA port  by configuring SNPWADR with one snooping address of 0x0080 and directing the data to the GPIO port pins GPIOAA[7:0].

2. Also read and store the 32-bit Post code as  4 bytes from the  the LPC I/O write cycles directed to  Port address 0x0080 , 0x0081, 0x0082 and 0x0083  in the root  file system for every power cycle and later display on the web GUI by  Configuring  post code control register PCCR0-3 for  DMA/FIFO mode. 

Could you please let  us know if  implementation for the above said two is available in  openBMC community else suggest implementation   pointers.


Can any one  provide SW linux kernel 5.x   driver for  second functionality   implementation or link to driver, if it exist , in the open  community.

suggestion to implementation pointer is also welcome.



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