[PATCH] net/ncsi: Add NCSI OEM command for FB Tiogapass

Justin.Lee1 at Dell.com Justin.Lee1 at Dell.com
Fri Sep 28 03:46:32 AEST 2018

> Thanks for the overview. We look forward to your patches; please
> include the same cc list as this series.

> I think it makes sense to have some OEM NCSI handing purely in the
> kenrel. This would allow eg. the MAC address of an interface to be
> correct at boot, without requiring userspace to come up first.

> I have also heard stories of temperature sensors over NCSI. Those
> would make sense to be hwmon drivers, which again would mean handling
> them in the kernel.

> Justin, Vijay, can you please list the known NCSI OEM
> commands/extensions that we plan on implementing?

In our implementation, All OEM commands are transparent to Kernel.
We don't plan to add any specific handler in the Kernel. 


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