[PATCH 0/4] media: platform: Add Aspeed Video Engine driver

Stephen Boyd sboyd at kernel.org
Sat Sep 1 12:46:54 AEST 2018

Quoting Eddie James (2018-08-31 12:30:02)
> On 08/31/2018 12:56 PM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> > Quoting Eddie James (2018-08-29 14:09:29)
> > Please let me know your merge strategy here. I can ack the clk patches
> > because they look fine from high-level clk driver perspective (maybe
> > Joel can take a closer look) or I can merge the patches into clk-next
> > and get them into next release while the video driver gets reviewed.
> Thanks for taking a look! Probably preferable to get the clk patches 
> into clk-next first (though Joel reviewing would be great). I just put 
> everything in the same set for the sake of explaining the necessity of 
> the clk changes.

Ok. If Joel is able to review then I can easily merge it into clk-next.

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