[PATCH v9 03/10] iommu: Separate IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_IOPF from IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_SVA

Lu Baolu baolu.lu at linux.intel.com
Wed Jan 13 13:49:39 AEDT 2021

Hi Jean,

On 1/12/21 5:16 PM, Jean-Philippe Brucker wrote:
> Hi Baolu,
> On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 12:31:23PM +0800, Lu Baolu wrote:
>> Hi Jean,
>> On 1/8/21 10:52 PM, Jean-Philippe Brucker wrote:
>>> Some devices manage I/O Page Faults (IOPF) themselves instead of relying
>>> on PCIe PRI or Arm SMMU stall. Allow their drivers to enable SVA without
>>> mandating IOMMU-managed IOPF. The other device drivers now need to first
>>> enable IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_IOPF before enabling IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_SVA.
>>> Signed-off-by: Jean-Philippe Brucker <jean-philippe at linaro.org>
>>> ---
>>> Cc: Arnd Bergmann <arnd at arndb.de>
>>> Cc: David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at infradead.org>
>>> Cc: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh at linuxfoundation.org>
>>> Cc: Joerg Roedel <joro at 8bytes.org>
>>> Cc: Lu Baolu <baolu.lu at linux.intel.com>
>>> Cc: Will Deacon <will at kernel.org>
>>> Cc: Zhangfei Gao <zhangfei.gao at linaro.org>
>>> Cc: Zhou Wang <wangzhou1 at hisilicon.com>
>>> ---
>>>    include/linux/iommu.h | 20 +++++++++++++++++---
>>>    1 file changed, 17 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
>>> diff --git a/include/linux/iommu.h b/include/linux/iommu.h
>>> index 583c734b2e87..701b2eeb0dc5 100644
>>> --- a/include/linux/iommu.h
>>> +++ b/include/linux/iommu.h
>>> @@ -156,10 +156,24 @@ struct iommu_resv_region {
>>>    	enum iommu_resv_type	type;
>>>    };
>>> -/* Per device IOMMU features */
>>> +/**
>>> + * enum iommu_dev_features - Per device IOMMU features
>>> + * @IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_AUX: Auxiliary domain feature
>>> + * @IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_SVA: Shared Virtual Addresses
>>> + * @IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_IOPF: I/O Page Faults such as PRI or Stall. Generally using
>>> + *			 %IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_SVA requires %IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_IOPF, but
>>> + *			 some devices manage I/O Page Faults themselves instead
>>> + *			 of relying on the IOMMU. When supported, this feature
>>> + *			 must be enabled before and disabled after
>>> + *			 %IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_SVA.
>> Is this only for SVA? We may see more scenarios of using IOPF. For
>> example, when passing through devices to user level, the user's pages
>> could be managed dynamically instead of being allocated and pinned
>> statically.
> Hm, isn't that precisely what SVA does?  I don't understand the
> difference. That said FEAT_IOPF doesn't have to be only for SVA. It could
> later be used as a prerequisite some another feature. For special cases
> device drivers can always use the iommu_register_device_fault_handler()
> API and handle faults themselves.

 From the perspective of IOMMU, there is a little difference between
these two. For SVA, the page table is from CPU side, so IOMMU only needs
to call handle_mm_fault(); For above pass-through case, the page table
is from IOMMU side, so the device driver (probably VFIO) needs to
register a fault handler and call iommu_map/unmap() to serve the page

If we think about the nested mode (or dual-stage translation), it's more
complicated since the kernel (probably VFIO) handles the second level
page faults, while the first level page faults need to be delivered to
user-level guest. Obviously, this hasn't been fully implemented in any
IOMMU driver.

>> If @IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_IOPF is defined as generic iopf support, the current
>> vendor IOMMU driver support may not enough.
> IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_IOPF on its own doesn't do anything useful, it's mainly a
> way for device drivers to probe the IOMMU capability. Granted in patch
> 10 the SMMU driver registers the IOPF queue on enable() but that could be
> done by FEAT_SVA enable() instead, if we ever repurpose FEAT_IOPF.

I have no objection to split IOPF from SVA. Actually we must have this
eventually. My concern is that at this stage, the IOMMU drivers only
support SVA type of IOPF, a generic IOMMU_DEV_FEAT_IOPF feature might
confuse the device drivers which want to add other types of IOPF usage.

> Thanks,
> Jean

Best regards,

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