[Lguest] lguest: mapping switcher would thwack fixmap

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Wed Apr 17 19:52:07 EST 2013

Paul Bolle <pebolle at tiscali.nl> writes:
> And running the lguest tool doesn't reboot the system anymore:
>     sudo ./lguest -v 128 [...]/vmlinux
>     Guest base is at 0xaf613000
>     Virtqueue page 0x8001000
>     Virtqueue page 0x8004000
>     device 1: console
>     Section 0: size 8052736 addr 0x400000
>     Section 1: size 3411968 addr 0xbae000
>     Guest: 0xaf613000 - 0xb761a000 (0x8007000)
>     lguest: unhandled trap 13 at 0x400062 (0x0)
>     Resetting device console
> 3) I'll search the mailing list archive for the "unhandled trap" error.
> That looks familiar. I'm guessing it's not introduced by this patch.

OK, that's happening really early on.  Strange that it's mapping at
0x400000, vs 0x100000 for me...

Can you send me your vmlinux and .config (offlist)?


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