[RFC] Clock binding

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Sat Aug 29 04:23:20 EST 2009

In message: <955e48b80908281105q60c057e8pfc16213f17da9138 at mail.gmail.com>
            Stuart Yoder <stuyoder at gmail.com> writes:
: > Lets *not* do it on power.org.  I'd like to see the bindings used by
: > more than just powerpc people, and power.org might become a bit of a
: > mental barrier for non-powerpc folks.  kernel.org would be a good
: > host.  So would ozlabs or infradead.  Or I'd be happy to maintain one
: > on secretlab.
: I think broadening it beyond power.org is good.  Along those lines I'd prefer
: not having this on kernel.org, as device trees are not Linux-centric.  There
: are other OS vendors I've interacted with that I'd like to see use device trees
: and separating it from Linux may be better IMO.

I know of at least one other free OS that will be migrating to device
trees for enumeration of devices in the embedded space...


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