[RFC] Clock binding

Mitch Bradley wmb at firmworks.com
Fri Aug 28 08:28:17 EST 2009

>> > Open Firmware often avoids indexed structures.  Cases in point include 
>> > the use of named properties instead of fixed structures and named 
>> > methods instead of function pointer arrays.  Open Firmware's use of 
>> > arrays for reg properties seems like the right choice for that 
>> > particular case, but shouldn't be construed to suggest that arrays are 
>> > good for everything.
> Well, the "reg" property is fine for the common cases of devices with
> one IO (or MMIO) range, no confusion possible, or PCI since it encodes
> the BAR number. For other cases, especially random embedded stuff that
> maps several regions of memory, it's a bit harder since we go back to
> the need of having "somebody" define which region is which.

Indeed.  You choose based on the common case and eventually there will 
be some case that stretches the boundaries.

I suppose that, if the problem became severe enough, one could invent a 
new "reg-names" property, a list of strings naming the reg entries.

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