Eleven small ccontrol changes

Ted Percival ted at midg3t.net
Mon Nov 27 00:35:40 EST 2006

I have cleaned up some small ccontrol patches I've made over the last
few months. They are available from
<http://hg.midg3t.net/ccontrol-out/>. Changes 206 to 212 were previously
in my ccontrol-debian tree but are probably useful for the upstream
source, and changes 213 to 216 were done today.

I reproduce the one-line change summaries here. Some commits have more
details in the full commit message.

206: Ensure common sbin directories are searched for 'route' command
207: Use DATADIR not LIBDIR for PNG icon
208: Drop the ".py" suffix from gccontrol
209: Consider more networks when scanning for distcc hosts
210: Let the user's CFLAGS override built-in CFLAGS
211: Only run the selected test if just one is selected
212: Use bash for testsuite/test.sh
213: Add sentinel attribute to fatal()
214: Implement malloc_nofail() as defined in stdrusty.h
215: Use strlcpy and strlcat instead of strcpy and strcat
216: Add headers to the list of compilable extensions (h, hh, H)

Regarding 215, exceptionally long values for the HOME environment
variable or for the --section= option could cause ccontrol to segfault.
strlc{at,py} functions are not always available so I copied in the
implementations from dietlibc and added some hackery to the configure
script to determine whether they are required. If it's nicer to start
using autoconf to do that kind of thing I could prepare a configure.ac
file for ccontrol. Alternatively one could add some simple strlen
checks, but adding strlc{at,py} functions now means they can easily be
used in future.

All eleven changes are intended for adoption.

It would also be good for the debian subdirectory and the
debian-specific section of the configure script to be removed from
upstream in order to keep the packaging separate and up-to-date.


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