[ccan] CCAN Update for 2014-10

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Wed Oct 29 15:48:31 AEDT 2014

Hi all,

        I used to do these updates regularly, but I've fallen out of the
habit.  But with Chris McCormick dropping a new web design on me out of
the blue, I felt inspired!

        So I've created a reminder to do them every month from now on,
but this will cover the last 6 months:

Module of the Month: minmax (David Gibson, CC0)

        min(a,b) which is safe if a and b are complex expressions (no
double-evaluation!) and warns if a and b are of different types or

        Explict min_t(type,a,b) can be used for explicit typing, and
there are also matching max() and clamp() functions.

Unfortunately this needs GCC, as it won't even compile unless you have
        statement expressions and typeof.

New modules:
        mem - wrappers for memmem, memrchr (David Gibson)
        minmax - typesafe min and max macros (David Gibson)
        jacobson_karels - Jacobson/Karels algo for estimating round-trip time
                (David Gibson)
        structeq - compare structures for equality (beware padding!)
                (Rusty Russell)
        lqueue - single linked list queue (David Gibson)
        lstack - single linked list stack (David Gibson)
        eratosthenes - Sieve of Eratosthenes for finding primes (David Gibson)

Major enhancements:
        io - complete rewrite, it's now far more usable (and used in pettycoin)
        time - split absolute and relative times into separate types
        darray - new maintainer (Andy Grover) and darray_remove function
        bitmap - new functions bitmap_zero_range, bitmap_fill_range, bitmap_ffs

Minor updates & bugfixes:
        bitmap - more constification
        net - bug fixes
        opt - minor enhacements and bugfixes
        endian - const endian macros insufficient braces fixxs
        list - new macros list_del_init and list_node_init
        container_of - new macro container_of_or_null

        ccanlint - bugfixes and better missing dependency detection
        configurator - HAVE_BUILTIN_CTZL detection fix

        Awesome new web pages, new logo!  (Chris McCormick)

Special thanks to everyone who contributed recently (spammed via CCs).


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