[Cbe-oss-dev] Installing Fedora 11 on PS3

Geoff Levand geoffrey.levand at am.sony.com
Wed Jun 10 11:32:24 EST 2009

Fedora 11 (Leonidas) was released today.  I installed it on PS3 without
trouble, and it works OK.  Below are a few notes from my install.

Please report any Fedora installer or Fedora package bugs here:


I put a new release of the PS3 petitboot bootloader that I tested
with Fedora 11 here:


** F11 Installer Startup Notes

 * Most users can just use Fedora-11-ppc-netinst.iso or Fedora-11-ppc-DVD.iso
and the default startup options.

 * Petitboot doesn't yet support removable media notifications, so to
boot the installer, insert the CD or DVD into the drive on startup
before petitboot starts. 

* The PS3 is a 64 bit machine, so choose the linux64 bootloader menu item.

 * The 'text' mode of the installer has changed in Fedora-11, and now only
installs a very minimal system.  It is recommended to not use text install.

 * When using the askmethod option, do to the limited memory of the PS3
anaconda's stage2 image cannot be loaded using http (the URL method).
Only Local CD/DVD, Hard drive, or NFS directory will work.

** F11 Installer Partitioning Notes

 * The default partition option 'Replace existing Linux system' works OK.

 * The PS3 must have a swap partition setup during install.  Otherwise, there
will be an installer out of memory error.  'Replace existing Linux system' will
create a swap partition for you.

 * The partition option 'Create Custom Layout' works OK.  Use this if you want a two
partition system with ps3da1 as / and ps3da2 as swap.

Recent petitboot releases support booting from ext3 and ext4 filesystems,
so the root filesystem can be either.  A separate ext3 /boot partition is
not needed.

 * The partition option 'Encrypt system' currently does not work on PS3 (installer
out of memory error).

 * Other partition options should work.


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