[Cbe-oss-dev] GCC inline memcpy() from local store causes bad page fault

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Tue Mar 20 19:53:04 EST 2007

On Tuesday 20 March 2007, Akinobu Mita wrote:
> I could fix this oops by adding "-fno-builtin-memcpy" to CFLAGS,
> or using memcpy_fromio() instead of memcpy() (patch attached).
> I don't know what is good fix for this problem. But non privilaged user
> can kill SPUs so we need to fix.

Your patch is good, but misses a Signed-off-by line that is needed so
I can apply it. Please resend using the format described in

Thanks for tracking this down!

	Arnd <><

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