[c-lightning] Routing: bias against smaller channels

nibnalin nalinbhardwaj at nibnalin.me
Fri May 28 07:55:48 AEST 2021

Hi all,

I've been reading through the c-lightning codebase over the past couple weeks (great comments and explanations throughout the codebase, by the way!) and ran into this FIXME: https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/blob/master/gossipd/routing.c#L710 <https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/blob/master/gossipd/routing.c#L710>

I was wondering if there is any past discussion of how a solution could work, or what possible ways to work with it might be. In general, I'm curious how routing biases or other changes such as this one are evaluated for their utility. I implemented a pretty simple bias as a possible draft here: https://github.com/nalinbhardwaj/lightning/commit/2ef2f7822a874dbe42e311e8787a28d5860452b4 <https://github.com/nalinbhardwaj/lightning/commit/2ef2f7822a874dbe42e311e8787a28d5860452b4>. Curious if anyone has any thoughts on it. :) I'm not sure how I can fine-tune it to be useful in real settings.

Besides this particular task, curious if anyone has any suggestions for other changes to work on to get a better understanding of lightning network.

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