[c-lightning] Shared-memory Routemap

Ján Sáreník jajomojo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 01:33:35 AEST 2019

Hi C Lightning List!

Sorry for top-posting without quotes. I just want to let
you know I read it all and understand ZmnSCPxj's concern
about memory.

On the other hand I also understand the consumption
is pretty minimal and hardly comparable to anything
else which is not written in C.

Let me remember the "old" times (I may be quite young here).
Yes, I remember computers with 4, 8, 16, 32 megabytes of memory.
On a Pentium with 32MB of RAM I ran my first Linux (loaded via
oadlin from FAT, using UMSDOS to store UNIX file attributes).

Now the least RAM (512MB) in household is on an ARM box
which I got for free at some conference. Much more memory
on refurbished Androids which serve me as Linux servers...
If possible, let us do some experiments, e.g. would it be
possible to have the same featureful version with and without
the memory-sharing change? Is it possible to separate this
change so that both versions can live for some time?

I am happy to help with testing. All machines here
(arm, arm64, i686, x86_64 all both on glibc and musl libc)
are willing to help.

Have a good weekend!
Kind regards, Jasan
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