[c-lightning] c-lightning v0.7.3 "Bitcoin's Proof of Stake" Released

lisa neigut niftynei at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 11:40:24 AEDT 2019

We're pleased to announce 0.7.3, named by @trueptolemy

Note: new dependency gettext is now required when building from source.

*Highlights for Users*- lightningd now supports different SQL backends.
This release includes a PostgresSQL driver, in addition to the default
sqlite3 driver.
- Ability to supply a Bitcoin address to close a channel to. Note that if
you've set an upfront-shutdown script, it'll need to be the same script.
- New plugin notifications: sendpay_success and sendpay_failure
- Encryption of the BIP32 master seed is now available.
- UTXO selection is provided for withdraw and txprepare, which allows you
to finely control which lightningd wallet UTXOs are spent or used.
- Our Bolt11 tools now parse feature bits
- Adds the ability to exclude nodes from route consideration in getroute
- Please note that the deprecated RPC call listpayments has been removed;
you want listpays.

*Highlights for the Network*- Elements support. lightningd can now be made
to support L-BTC.
- c-lightning nodes now announce features in node_announcement broadcasts.
- Further on the feature bits front, we've consolidated them -- all bits
are now advertised in both global + local feature fields
- Support for gossip_queries_ex, for finer grained gossip control
- Tighter gossip bandwidth usage. We now take advantage of gossip queries
and peer rotation to narrow the number of peers that we gossip with and the
amount of gossip we're requesting.
- In further gossip news, we now no longer ask for initial_routing_sync.

More details can be found in

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and bug reports; please keep
them coming!

Since we've had 522 commits from 18 different authors, with 5
first-time contributors!

Luca Ambrosini
Yash Bhutwala
Jacob Rapoport

Release details and binaries can be found at

Lisa, Rusty, Christian, and ZmnSCPxj.
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