[c-lightning] [RELEASE] c-lightning v0.7.0: "Actually an Altcoin"

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Sat Mar 2 08:47:51 AEDT 2019

We're pleased to announce c-lightning 0.7, named by Mark Beckwith.


Highlights for Users

* Plugins are here, with frameworks for C, Python and Go! Write your own
  cool extensions!
* Much better pay implementation (a plugin!) will folllow route hints,
  give ongoing paystatus.
* All amount parameters take 'msat', 'sat', or 'btc' to avoid
  satoshi/millisatoshi confusion.
* If your node ran out of memory with gossipd consuming 100% CPU, that
  and several other crashes are fixed!
* Reproducible builds for Ubuntu, based on Ubuntu 18.04.1.

Highlights for the network

* option_dataloss_protect fixed and reenabled for everyone.
* We accept some known lnd protocol oddities rather than spitting the dummy and closing the channel.
* You can no longer make unpayable "wumbo" invoices.

More details can be found in the



We're grateful for all the bug reports and suggestions and your patience
as we sometimes struggled to address them: please keep them coming!

Since 0.6.3 we've had 284 commits from 16 different authors, 5 of whom
were first-time c-lightning contributors:

    Alekos Filini
    Michael Schmoock
    Rene Pickhardt

That's comparable with the last release, but in 7 weeks instead of 10: kudos!

Rusty, Christian and ZmnSCPxj.

ad4b60dde249692d0fbf446436427528cb91f1acbb03a052928714d0d0037493  release/clightning-v0.7.0-Fedora-28-amd64.tar.gz
302aad864ba48be1d41a4787e32be4759b1a44985be20da868a3e25fe412061f  release/clightning-v0.7.0-Ubuntu-16.04-i386.tar.gz
2da679f55cbe1cec6fee9b32c0943ddde3a19c6605d81e52807921bbca6d2fe1  release/clightning-v0.7.0-Ubuntu-18.04.tar.xz
448022c2433cbf19bbd0f726344b0500c0c21ee5cc2291edf6b622f094cb3a15  release/clightning-v0.7.0.zip
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