[c-lightning] [RELEASE] c-lightning v0.7.1: The Unfailing Twitter Consensus Algorithm

Rusty Russell rusty at blockstream.com
Fri Jul 5 09:58:06 AEST 2019

This is a recommended upgrade!


We're pleased to announce c-lightning 0.7.1, named by new C-Lightning
Core Team member Lisa Neigut.

Highlights for Users

o Gossip (both serving to others and listchannels) is much faster and
   uses much less memory.
o Infrastructure to fund a channel from an external wallet (probably
   needs a plugin to make it user friendly).
o listpeers now show how many confirms until channel is open.
o Ability to set a minimum channel size to accept.
o Invoices now default to 7 days, rather than 1 hour.
o fundchannel can now specify exactly what utxos to use, if you want
   coin control.
o Various JSON API corner cases and bugs have been removed, more
   information added.
o Lots of new plugin hooks to play with; we expect some more impressive
   plugins soon!

Highlights for the network
o We no longer ask every peer for all the gossip which ever happened!
o We respect and enforce option_upfront_shutdown_script (mainly for Eclair)
o We no longer allow tiny 1000 satoshi channels: default minimum is now
   10,000 satoshis.
o Improved compatibility with corner cases for both lnd (esp. older
   versions) and Eclair.

More details can be found in


We've seen a lot more contributions and bug reports coming in: please
keep them coming!

Since 0.7.0 we've had 591 commits from 31 different authors, with a
record 12 first-time contributors!

    Joe Netti
    Jeff Vandrew Jr
    Billy Garrison
    Lawrence Nahum
    Kristaps Kaupe
    Hampus Sjöberg
    Atis Elsts

Rusty, Christian, ZmnSCPxj and Lisa.

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