[c-lightning] sparko, a rewrite of the spark-wallet server for easier distribution

fiatjaf fiatjaf at alhur.es
Wed Apr 3 05:14:21 AEDT 2019

hello everyone,

I like https://github.com/shesek/spark-wallet very much, so I thought I
would make it possible to distribute it as a single binary to make it even
easier than it is today for people to run it, so I rewrote the server part
in Go and cloned the client part (with a simple `npm install`, which means
new updates can come easily).

It's smaller and hopefully also faster and lighter:
https://github.com/fiatjaf/sparko (binaries for download in the releases
page). Almost all options are supported, notable exceptions for now are Tor
and the local file cookie thing (because I failed to understand how it

My idea is that the Spark server could serve as a solid foundation for
multiple use-cases, not only a GUI wallet, but basically anything that must
talk to the lightningd RPC over HTTP, so it makes sense to iterate on that,
perhaps integrate new features that may or may not be implemented in the
original Spark server.

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