[c-lightning] Towards atomic multipath payments

Christian Decker decker.christian at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 03:18:28 AEDT 2018

Hi ZmnSCPxj,

thanks for digging in and getting the ball rolling on this. Indeed I
think your analysis that we are using the `payments` table for multiple
different purposes that now with AMP diverge is spot on. I think the
introduction of partial payments is good and we can build on top of
that, and maybe we should make the `payments` table a purely user-facing
table with entries about their transaction history (that was my initial
goal when it included incoming payments matching invoices as well).


ZmnSCPxj <ZmnSCPxj at protonmail.com> writes:
> Good morning c-lightningers,
> I would like to propose a JSON-RPC interface for low-level atomic
> multipath payments.
> Currently exists, the `sendpay`/`waitsendpay`/`listpayments`.
> `sendpay` and `waitsendpay` are low-level interfaces for making a
> single payment attempt.  `listpayments` indicates status of payments.
> These interfaces manage a table of payment attempts.  `sendpay` will
> create one, or reuse a payment attempt if it is marked as failing.
> `waitsendpay` waits for a specific payment attempt to change its
> status to either completed or failing.
> This table of payment attempts is used also to provide the high-level `pay` interface.
> The `pay` interface leaves the payment attempt on the table if it succeeds, and just reuses the same entry (from the lower-level `sendpay` behavior) to keep retrying.
> Thus `listpayments` serves as both a high-level and low-level interface.
> Currently those interfaces are keyed to the `payment_hash`.
> Each payment attempt has a unique `payment_hash`.
> For simplicity to JSON-RPC users, I want to keep the existing `sendpay`/`waitsendpay` interfaces as-is without adding special multipath options to them.
> However, atomic multipath means making separate attempts simultaneously with the same `payment_hash`, and the `sendpay`/`waitsendpay` are keyed according to `payment_hash`.
> Further, the `listpayments` table also serves as a high-level interface, and I think atomic multipath should be low-level and not be exposed on `listpayments`.
> So I want to propose a separate interface:
> `sendpartialpay` `route` `payment_hash` `intended_msatoshi` [`description`]
> =>
> { "id" : 42, ... }
> `waitpartialpay` `id`
> `listpartialpayments` [`id`]
> This handles a separate table for partial payments.
> There is a many-to-one mapping from partial payments in `listpartialpayments` to payments in `listpayments`.
> Then, `sendpartialpay` does:
> 1.  Check if there already exists a payment attempt with same `payment_hash` in `listpayments` table.
> 1.1.  If there is not, create it, with the `msatoshi` equal to the `intended_msatoshi` for this `sendpartialpay` call.
> 1.2.  Otherwise:
> 1.2.1.  If the `intended_msatoshi` does not match the `msatoshi` in the `listpayments` table, fail immediately and do nothing.
> 1.2.2.  If the existing `listpayments` entry is completed, return immediately with success and do nothing.
> 1.2.3.  If the existing `listpayments` entry is failed, change it to pending and continue.
> 2.  Create a payment attempt in `listpartialpayments` table, trigger the payment, and return the ID for the payment attempt.
> When a partial payment returns either `update_fulfill_htlc` or `update_fail_htlc`:
> 1.  Change the state of the `listpartialpayments` entry to completed/failed.
> 2.  If completed, also set the `listpayments` entry to completed and trigger any `waitsendpay` waiters.
> 3.  If failed, and all other partial payments to the same `payment_hash` failed, set the `listpayments` entry to failed and trigger any `waitsendpay` waiters.
> 4.  Trigger any `waitpartialpay` waiters.
> Regards,
> ZmnSCPxj
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