[c-lightning] Development priorities for 0.6?

Corné Plooy corne at bitonic.nl
Wed Feb 28 20:14:00 AEDT 2018

About this:

>  - We should probably do another pass over the JSON-RPC and see that
>    it's future proof

I am developing a GUI[1] on top of C-Lightning, and I have some comments
on the RPC. These are some of my comments:
* I'd like to have some kind of notification mechanism, maybe ZMQ-based.
* I'd like to have msatoshi resolution, at least for *all* values that
actually have msatoshi resolution, maybe even for all values (for API
* More generally, I'd like to be able to have a complete view of the
state of a node. This includes, for instance, every part of a node's
financial situation, including the on-chain fees of commit transactions,
and the active htlcs.

One thing I'd like to do is show a balance number to the user that
should never automatically decrease. In order to keep the user happy
routing other peoples' transactions, this number should include
outgoing(*) htlcs. Of course I'm fine calculating this balance
client-side, but I need the input data of the calculation. Another thing
I'd like to do is to visualize what's going on in the channels.

Maybe not all of this will make it into 0.6, but if you want to make the
current RPC future proof, you might want to include this in your idea of
what a future RPC version should look like.


(*) Why outgoing, and not incoming: if a relayed transaction is
canceled, its fees are canceled too. It's best to only conclude you have
received fees at the moment the pre-image arrives; otherwise your sum of
your own funds could actually decrease as a relayed transaction is
canceled. This all assumes a positive fee rate though.

[1] https://github.com/bitonic-cjp/fireworks

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