[c-lightning] refunding the active channels in LN

ZmnSCPxj ZmnSCPxj at protonmail.com
Tue Dec 18 16:50:52 AEDT 2018

Good morning Sarat,

> Sure, since the players play recurrently with the same dealer, there is a possibility that the dealer will be going to have enough of funds in that channel to pay back. Sure, I'll consider to implement this logic, as in it avoids any further relay of transactions.

It is helpful to remember that LN is a *network*.
If your dealer is connected otherwise to the rest of the network, then it may be possible that the player has incoming capacity elsewhere in the network that can be used to route.
It is helpful not to keep focusing on individual channels.

In the future also it may become possible to split payments via "bass amplifier", also known as multipart payments.
Then it should matter less, which channels are or are not connected by the player.
It only matters that the player has total capacity to pay and receive.

If winning player has insufficient capacity to receive, only then do you need to explicitly create a channel to that player.
You can do that, simply by making an attempt to pay on Lightning.


On details, I believe it is possible to run multiple c-lightning nodes on the same physical server.
You just need to ensure they have separate ports and separate directories for `--lightning-dir`.

It may be easier to deploy if you use separate Tor onion address for dealer and blinder.
This is because Tor sidesteps issues of NAT.
This may depend on where you would like to deploy your application, however.


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