[c-lightning] adding new commands to lightning-cli

Sarat G sarath.ginjupalli89 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 14:17:59 AEDT 2018

Hi  ZmnSCPxj,

Sorry for the late reply, I overlooked the mail. I'm implementing few of
the commands mentioned below:

1. invoice-count:  Returns the count of the invoices
2. delete-all-invoices: Deletes all the existing invoices
3. peer-channel-state: Returns the state of the channel for the given

As mentioned by Christian, for the commands to which I don;t need to pass
arguments I was able to implement them successfully. But for implementing
the command 'peer-channel-state' I need to pass peer_id as parameter. when
I passed so the it's crashing in the lightningd.

Below is the crash log, while passing parameters do we need to handle them
at the lightningd?

root at sg777-1 ~/lightning/cli # ./lightning-cli peer-channel-state
lightningd/jsonrpc.c:480: parse_request: Assertion `c->pending'
failed.2018-12-13T03:07:34.086Z lightningd(14958): FATAL SIGNAL 6
RECEIVED2018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
lightningd/log.c:494 (log_crash)
0x55a79691c9932018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
(null):0 ((null)) 0x7ffae5b3cf1f2018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z
lightningd(14958): backtrace: (null):0 ((null))
0x7ffae5b3ce972018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
(null):0 ((null)) 0x7ffae5b3e8002018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z
lightningd(14958): backtrace: (null):0 ((null))
0x7ffae5b2e3992018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
(null):0 ((null)) 0x7ffae5b2e4112018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z
lightningd(14958): backtrace: lightningd/jsonrpc.c:480 (parse_request)
0x55a796918cba2018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
lightningd/jsonrpc.c:645 (read_json)
0x55a79691954a2018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
ccan/ccan/io/io.c:59 (next_plan)
0x55a79696c3002018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
ccan/ccan/io/io.c:387 (do_plan) 0x55a79696cdfd2018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z
lightningd(14958): backtrace: ccan/ccan/io/io.c:397 (io_ready)
0x55a79696ce3b2018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
ccan/ccan/io/poll.c:310 (io_loop)
0x55a79696e8032018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
lightningd/lightningd.c:407 (main)
0x55a79691b0a12018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
(null):0 ((null)) 0x7ffae5b1fb962018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z
lightningd(14958): backtrace: (null):0 ((null))
0x55a7969099392018-12-13T03:07:34.103Z lightningd(14958): backtrace:
(null):0 ((null)) 0xffffffffffffffff
Fatal signal 6. 0x55a79691ca91 log_crash
	lightningd/log.c:5200x7ffae5b3cf1f ???
	???:00x7ffae5b3ce97 ???
	???:00x7ffae5b3e800 ???
	???:00x7ffae5b2e399 ???
	???:00x7ffae5b2e411 ???
	???:00x55a796918cba parse_request
	lightningd/jsonrpc.c:4800x55a79691954a read_json
	lightningd/jsonrpc.c:6450x55a79696c300 next_plan
	ccan/ccan/io/io.c:590x55a79696cdfd do_plan
	ccan/ccan/io/io.c:3870x55a79696ce3b io_ready
	ccan/ccan/io/io.c:3970x55a79696e803 io_loop
	ccan/ccan/io/poll.c:3100x55a79691b0a1 main
	lightningd/lightningd.c:4070x7ffae5b1fb96 ???
	???:00x55a796909939 ???
	???:00xffffffffffffffff ???
Log dumped in crash.log
lightning-cli: Non-object response ''[1]+  Aborted
(core dumped) ../lightningd/lightningd

Thank You.

Sarat G

On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 12:50 PM ZmnSCPxj <ZmnSCPxj at protonmail.com> wrote:

> Good morning Sarat,
> What are you querying on the database?
> If you find it useful, it might be that others find it useful, so it is
> best if you feed it back to us upstream what extra command you made.
> It might also be possible, as cdecker said, that, extra command can be
> built from existing commands, and so it is better to put in some plugin
> instead.
> Regards,
> ZmnSCPxj
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> On Friday, December 7, 2018 2:30 PM, Sarat G <
> sarath.ginjupalli89 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> Thank you very much for the help, now I'm able to add the commands
> successfully by registering it with AUTODATA. Since I'm running the
> customised queries on the database now I'm registering my methods with
> AUTODATA and doing.
> Prior to this, I'm opening the `lightningd.sqlite3` file from the program.
> But the problem which I encountered is if I make an RPC call the DB gets
> locked and that sometimes preventing me to access the DB directly from the
> same process.
> Anyways I written few queries and registered them with AUTODATA and there
> are working fine.
> Thank you once again.
> Regards,
> Sarat G
> On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 7:50 PM Christian Decker <
> decker.christian at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Sarat,
>> `AUTODATA` will take care of registering the json command with the
>> JSON-RPC framework and you should be able to see your command with
>> `lightning-cli help` after recompiling and restarting. The `struct
>> json_command` that you registered with `AUTODATA` contains the method
>> name and the function to be called when a request matching that method
>> name comes in. The compiler should be able to help you with the
>> signature of the function that we expect.
>> Notice that if the information you require is exposed in some other way,
>> you can also write a plugin, instead. Plugins can be written in whatever
>> language you want, and can register options and JSON-RPC methods as well
>> (more to come in future). So if you don't need information that is not
>> otherwise exposed that might be a good option (you'd need to run the
>> unreleased `master` version though).
>> Cheers,
>> Christian
>> Sarat G <sarath.ginjupalli89 at gmail.com> writes:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > As part of my project requirement, i got to need the command that
>> returns
>> > the status of the channel by taking input as peer id. For that I
>> written up
>> > the necessary logic and lined it using AUTODATA. My doubt is on the
>> > lightningd side at which part do I need to add the logic to process the
>> > command information sent by the lightning-cli.
>> >
>> > Can someone please provide me some insights into adding a single
>> command to
>> > the lightning-cli repo.
>> >
>> > Thanks in advance.
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> > Sarat G
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