[c-lightning] Feature freeze in preparation for 0.6?

Christian Decker decker.christian at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 22:53:22 AEST 2018

Hi all,

thanks Rusty for taking the lead on this, we definitely should do a 0.6
release as soon as possible. I took the opportunity and went through the
issue list, marking some as stale and closing others that are fixed or
can't be reproduced with today's code. So here are the things that I
think need to be part of the feature freeze, on top of what Rusty and
ZmnSCPxj already mentioned:

 - I'd like to bump some of our default parameters to at least make them
   compatible with the default params that lnd and eclair use. The following
   need to be adjusted:
   - Bump the `our_unilateral_close/to_us` maximum value to 2016. This'll hurt a
     bit since most closes are currently uncooperative and waiting 2 weeks
     instead of 1 day is bad, but Roasbeef assured me that they will slowly
     decrease this as the system stabilizes and watch-tower designs are
     implemented. This would sort of address #1110, in exchange for angry users
     with locked in funds...
   - Bump the default `cltv_delta` to 8, since eclair is enforcing that as a
     minimum for the last hop currently. They mentioned removing that
     enforcement on the sender side, but current deployed wallets seem to still
     have it.
 - To reduce the number of unilateral closes we should accept a fee update that
   is outside of our range, but then close the channel collaboratively instead
   of slamming the door (paying the on-chain fees and having to wait an
   eternity). I just filed this as #1443.
 - We sometimes get into a situation in which the remote end doesn't send its
   `announcement_signature` upon reconnecting. Not sure if this is our fault or
   an incompatibility with another implementation. I'm tempted to just send it
   on every reconnect if we have reached `announce_depth`.
 - #551 seems important but unlikely to cause much trouble at first, if we can
   fix it good.
 - We need to change the DEVELOPER=1 to DEVELOPER=0 by default. `dev-xyz` RPC
   calls and options should only ever be used in a debugging scenario.
 - Of course all fixes that address a crash are definitely in-scope, but
   shouldn't be blocking the release if they're "rare"

And now for the list of things we should not try to squeeze into the 0.6
 - Fee related fixes are probably out of scope and will need some additional
   work (#613, #666, #750, #1219, #1233)
 - Pruning support. This has gotten a lot better since we no longer rescan from
   the wallet birth, but if the sync horizon of c-lightning is being pruned,
   e.g., prolonged downtime, it'll still get stuck and we need an alternative
   source for the pruned blocks (maybe the Bitcoin P2P network?).
Most of these are rather small changes, but especially bumping the default
params may be controversial, which is why I'm not opening a PR just yet. Of
course all of these are up for debate :-)


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