[Auugps] Hows it going?

David Robinson auug at drobinson.com.au
Wed Nov 11 14:19:12 EST 2009

Hi all,

I was clearing out some old books, papers and other computer crap that will
never be used again, wondering why I thought I might use it all in the first
place... And came across an old AUUGN.

So, I thought, I wonder how they are going these days.. But sadly, it looks
like it has run its course and in the final days.

I considered becoming a member again, just to say thanks, but the membership
cost doesn't equal the benefits (ROI). So I declined. Maybe that could be
dropped a little?

I would like to say thanks here, thanks for all the information before the
Internet cached everything and Wiki's.

I do hope the preservation society works out. or preferably AUUG stays open
in a limited form to keep the historical documents on the Internet. It would
be sad to see it all disappear. But I read there is a Vic problem.. so maybe
that's not possible.

Thanks again, and I'll stay subscribed to see if I can help in any way..


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