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List Description
Auugps AUUG Preservation Society
Bitcoin-core-dev-moderation Posts moderated out from
Bitcoin-dev-moderation Posts moderated out from
c-lightning Development and operation of c-lightning
ccan If perl can, maybe ccan?
ccontrol Ccontrol controls compiles
devicetree-discuss Discussion about Device Trees and associated tools across all architectures
libtopology-dev Discussion about the libtopology library and related matters.
Linux-accelerators Discussion about hardware accelerator support on Linux
Linux-aspeed Linux ASPEED SoC development
Linux-erofs Development of Linux EROFS file system
linux-fsi [no description available]
Linux-mlxsw mlxsw driver development
Linuxppc-dev Linux on PowerPC Developers Mail List
Linuxppc-users Practical discussions on Power systems and Linux SW
Linuxppc-uv Linux PowerPC Ultravisor Mailing List
nemo-devel Development of the NEMO energy system optimisation tool
openbmc Development list for OpenBMC
Openbmc-security for privately reporting security vulnerabilities
OpenPower-Firmware Discussion/Development of OpenPower firmware
Patchwork Patchwork development
Pdbg mailing list for development
Petitboot Petitboot bootloader development
PHPP-Users Users of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)
Quickcall Logitech Quickcall Linux support discussion
quickcall-announce Annoucements for Logitech Quickcall support
Simplicity simplicity
Skiboot Mailing list for skiboot development
Skiboot-stable Patches, review, and discussion for stable releases of skiboot
SLOF Patches for
snowpatch Continuous Integration for patch-based workflows
Yaboot-devel Technical and development discussion regarding yaboot
Yaboot-users User related questions/discussion regarding yaboot

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